Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Read Aloud Day and Skype

This is a guest post from Donna MacDonald.  Along with her fellow ASI teachers
(Barbara Coyle, Ruth-Anne Sokol, and Dana Leto), they recently skyped with an

The SUES ASI language arts teachers participated in the World Read Aloud Day
with author Nancy Churnin during two class periods. She read the book
The William Hoy Story, is about a baseball player from the 1800s who is deaf.
Because William could not hear the umpires, he asked them to use hand signals.  
Baseball as we know it today has been influenced by William Hoy and his need to
communicate on the field.

Nancy Churnin has asked our students to write to the National Baseball Hall of Fame
to convince the election committee to have him inducted in 2020. After sharing this
book with all of our classes, we will ask students to write persuasive letters, and
hopefully be instrumental in having William Hoy inducted.

Students were very excited about meeting the author via Skype. They shared
information with classmates and their teacher.  Students have been asking to
follow up with the letter writing, which will be done in about a week. And, the
author has asked if we will Skype with her again.  

Here the students are learning to sign the word person.

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