Thursday, March 23, 2017

Using a Google Form to track Group Projects

While there are many ways to collaborate in Google (and Classroom), there is no way for several students to turn in one group project.  Alice Keeler has a suggestion using a Google form.  Not only will you know where to look for the project, but her form collects group information as well as a personal reflection.  Please click here for the blog post.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


While these might look like Discovery Education Spotlight on Strategies, “Naturalist Now” and “Ideation and Prototyping” are STEM focused.  Both have the step by step instructions you would find in an SOS.

STEM Strategies that Work – March 2017

Ideation and Prototyping

Inspired by: Haydee Taylor-Arnold, Ladue Schools, MO
According to the Framework for 21st Century Learning, we should “emphasize deep understanding rather than shallow knowledge” and “students learn best when actively engaged in solving meaningful problems.” This strategy addresses both of these tenets as it requires students to attempt to solve the same challenge more than once and evaluate their success with each iteration. Students have a chance to modify their thinking and adjust and restructure their ideas, similar to ideation in the real world.

“Naturalist Now”

Inspired by: Stacy Thompson, Caddo Parish Public Schools, LA
Many of the techniques we use for observation across content areas have been used by naturalists (scientists) for ages. This strategy requires students to practice making and recording observations as they build towards proficiency. Whether forming the base of a hypothesis, making inferences using fictional text, or interpreting historical events, the art of collecting and using observations to make predictions is a critical skill for all students.
Click here to download this strategy

Finding the files in Google Classroom

There are two places to easily find your work in Google Classroom.  The first you will find on your dashboard.  Just click on the folder to see your work in Google Drive.

The second place (to see the same information) is once you open the classroom and select the About tab. The folder is shown below.

For more information, please see Alice Keeler’s post here.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

PearDeck- pick your option

In this blog post from PearDeck, decide if you want to brainstorm or access.  They demonstrate several question types and how you could best use them in the classroom.  

Monday, March 20, 2017

Hamilton- the lyrics

This site (The Music of Hamilton: The Musical) contains all the lyrics from Hamilton (along with brief clips- you will need Spotify to listen to entire number).  The TeachersFirst post has several ideas on classroom integration. The site also annotates many of the lines.