Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Make a Map with BrainPOP Jr!

Yesterday, BrainPOPJr. announced the Make a Map feature (this have been in regular BrainPOP for about a year).  Annie explains the process in a movie (search for Concept Map) and in a two minute overview (located under help on the Make-A-Map screen).  I would suggest (after you view the video) to do one of the activities ( I think I would print out the Talk ABout It and let the students fill in the blanks on paper before doing it online).  There are many teaching suggestions in BrainPOP educators (search for Concept Map).

If you need information on single sign in for BrainPOP (both regular and Jr), please see my tech site here.  Using single sign in will allow the students to access our BrainPOP subscription without a username and password- they will also be able to turn in their work to you!

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