Friday, September 30, 2016

When the technology enhances the learning

Today I had the privilege to visit two third grade classes in Eisenhower and demonstrate Storybird (this is one of my favorite digital storytelling tools- magnificent illustrations that never fail to spark the writer’s imagination).

But that’s not the point of this post.

It’s not that the kids loved Storybird (how do I know? They all wanted to know if they could do it at home and were delighted the answer was “Yes”).

What made today so exceptional?  Here are a few moments:

  • The beaming smile from a (former struggling) writer when the teacher sent him online feedback on his well-written pages.
  • The student, who after he read his story to us, said- “ I need to go back and make changes - there are some things that are not the way I want them.”
  • The student (who wanted to work at home) “because I already have 9 pages and I am working slowly to make sure it is just right.”
  • And finally, the group is one class realizing they could read each other’s stories in the online classroom library.  “Read mine, read mine!”

It was a very special day.

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