Monday, June 12, 2017

Escape Rooms (the digital version)

Who hasn’t seen Facebook images of friends breaking out of escape rooms?  Now you and your students can break out from a digital room!    

Last week I attended the Garden State Summit (primarily a Google centered PD event).  One of my favorite presentations (given by Jennifer Fischer and Kristen Tsaoys- both from Edison)  started with a digital breakout room.  We then explored the BreakOut EDU digital site (be sure you check out the Digital Sandbox- that’s where you will find many premade escape games).  I’ve shared their presentation here as well (it’s in the form of a hyperdoc).  

The photo in this post is from a fourth-grade classroom this morning.  The students worked in teams to break out in an American Revolution themed event.

(Not interested in a digital escape but rather a paper and pencil exercise? See this math example here.)

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