Friday, October 7, 2016

How to access Google at home

Maria Vella very kindly shared her "How to access Google from home" directions.  This is especiaolly useful if you want your students to access classroom or other sites we have linked to their Google accounts (BrainPOP, Discovery Education, Storybird, Storyboardthat are just a few examples).

How To Access Google Account Away From School
  1. Type into the web browser
  2. Upper Right hand corner you will see Blue Sign In Rectangle
  3. Click Sign in
  4. Type in your email address –

  1. Type in your password – your 6 digit number (123456)
  2. You can access all the google apps at the Waffle House
  3. You can then access your school Google Classroom or BrainPop.  Since you are signed into Google, there is also easy access from the Storyboardthat, Discovery Education, or Storybird websites.  These two sites will not appear in the Waffle House (apps launcher).

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