Saturday, October 8, 2016

The perfect use for “Students can edit”

Often I lack good ideas on how the option “students can edit” document can work in the classroom.  In this option, every student can write (and read) the same document. It can get a little hectic!

But over lunch with Leah Magielnicki (SUES), she shared the idea of Notice and Wonder as part of her small groups in math.  

It starts with a Google Doc with access given to all 5 or so students in the group.  Here’s a sample:  (Click here to see the entire document.)
Bar diagram Notice Wonder   Google Docs.png
The small group enters their thoughts and can see what their peers are thinking.  
Leah shared the source of her inspiration- The Math Forum (lesson from 2015).  
Such a great way for students to show their thinking and understanding.

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