Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Make Anything Talk

Making things talk over lunch!

While having lunch at WE Tech on Saturday, I asked Samantha Morra (you can follow her on SlideShare here) for her new favorite thing.  She quickly shared the app ChatterPIX (it is for both IOS and Android) with me and then made a ChatterPix using a photo of the desserts on the table!

Above are two samples.  I created the globe speak and it shows the use of text and a frame.  Paul Daloia made the bass drum work (and you will see some of the decorations you can add).

Once you are completed, you can save your work to your camera roll (and then embed it into other projects) or upload to YouTube.

I was thinking you could make books talk or import photos from Discovery Education. This reminded me of an app version of Blabberize.

What speaks to you?

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