Wednesday, August 26, 2015

No campfire for these smores!

Want a stress-free way to share text, images, maps, links, and sounds?  Check out Smore- this site makes it easy to create flyers for online or print.  As a test, I took a recent assignment (construct a brochure for a European trip) and created the output in Smore (see below).  While there are premade templates, you can also start with a blank screen and design your own format.  When your flyer is complete, you can link, embed or print.  The link worked perfectly in edmodo yet I did have to tweak the size when I embedded the sample. You do need an email account to sign up for a free account.  When working with the students, I have created a new Gmail account just for Smore.  Several students can access the account with one username/password. There are several paid versions- the biggest modification is in the number of emails you can send (and some of the customer support features).  I’ve already line up a few other teachers (inventors, Civil War) - how could you use Smore?  

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