Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Google Classroom- Assign by Students!!!

Now you can create assignments (or announcements or questions) and assign it to specific students!  No longer is Google Classroom an “all or nothing” system.  When creating the assignment (or announcement or questions), select the drop down next to the class name (the default it All students) and then specify which students should get the assignments.  If you are assigning to multiple classes at once, you will not be able to access this option.

Here’s the text from the Google release:

For students: individualized work for differentiated learning
Starting today, Classroom makes it a lot easier for teachers to assign work to individual students and groups based on their unique needs. As they’re creating an assignment, post or question, teachers can choose whether to share it with the entire class or just with a subset of students.
Juli Dalzell, a seventh-grade teacher at Thomas A. Blake Middle School in Medfield, MA, says she likes how the new feature lets her teach students who may grasp concepts at different paces. “I can assign different levels of questions or quantities of assignments,” says Dalzell. “Also, I can push out documents, such as answer keys, as students complete their assignments.”
With this feature, students can also discreetly receive extra practice if they’re struggling with a new subject. Sara Enberg, a library media specialist at River Willow Elementary School in Hudson, WI, says that the new update creates “an easy way to assign a reteaching or extension activity for students who are struggling... Just a quick simple video for a couple of students and they were back on track.”

Think of the possibilities- we know one size doesn’t fit all, and now you can tailor work and resources to meet your students’ needs.

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