Friday, January 20, 2017

New notifications in Google Classroom

In addition to the new student assignment, you can now get notifications when student work is turned in late (or if the student resubmits the work).  Here are two blog posts with the details- one from Alice Keeler and the other from Richard Byrne

Here’s the official notes from Google:

For teachers: new notifications to manage student work

We understand the information overload that teachers feel as they balance a busy class schedule, a sea of papers to grade, and after-school activities. To help them stay on top of it all, teachers will now receive two new types of Classroom notifications—one when students submit work after the due date, and one for when students re-submit work. Busy teachers can also continue to use Classroom’s other notifications—like updates on their scheduled posts and comments on student work—to help keep them organized throughout the school year.

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